Volleyball Tips and Tricks
by Melissa Sommer


Offensive Move

     When using an attack during a volleyball game, there are a couple things to remember. First, use a three-step approach when coming up to the net. This will give you momentum and balance when using your upper-body strength to slam the ball downward. Second, keep your wrist firm and fingers spread appart. Doing this will give you more power of direction when spiking.

Deffensive Move

     Diving is a very efficient way of saving the ball from hitting your side of the court. Before diving, have your knees bent and arms outstretched. When you make contact with the ball, put your hands together and keep your arms out and flat. Once the ball is in the air after you pass it, roll to the left or right and stand up as quickly as possible to be ready for the ball.

Deffensive Move

     The right time to block an incoming ball is when the attacker on the opposite team, spikes the ball. When this contact is made, you should get up close to the net and jump upward. While jumping, keep your arms up high and hands pointing slightly forward. This will make the ball drop down to the opposite team's side. It is also useful to have two people blocking so that the ball is sure to fall on the other team's side.
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